About me

Your lawyer Kai Bruno Westen


Like everyone else, you too have your own personal destiny. Every person’s situation is different. In your case the focus for me is on one person alone: you!

It’s a question of your legal protection, it’s a question of your rights!

In your interests

I see it as my task, to be particularly responsive to your individual situation and to represent your interests to the best of my ability. My many years experience and constant updating of my professional skills help me to do this successfully.

Criminal proceedings are strictly controlled. Therefore there are routine defence activities such as accessing records, discussions, written submissions for the defence, applications, questioning of witnesses, addresses by counsel etc

The outcome is what counts

These individual activities must follow the correct procedure and be brought to life. Criminal proceedings are unpleasant or even very unpleasant. You want to get through it as soon as possible. The most successful form of defence is for the charge to be discreetly withdrawn.

I will work out a goal-oriented and realistic defence strategy with you. Depending on the situation, this can include the entire range of conduct from obliging and willing-to-compromise, to hard and aggressive. What is important is that we achieve a good outcome for you.

Dedicated – to you

The judge makes the final decision. It’s him I have to convince. I can only do that if I have good arguments. With your help I prepare these carefully beforehand.

Surprises and unforeseen events are constantly cropping up during criminal proceedings. A practical example is a witness who suddenly changes his or her testimony drastically. As your lawyer I must react to such changes at lightning speed and adjust your defence accordingly. In some cases the main aim of the defence must be changed and the defence strategy adapted.

This demands a high degree of concentration and commitment. I guarantee that I will bring both of these qualities to your case.