Anyone can be the subject of a criminal action. Often a consultation is all that is needed to avoid unpleasantness with the law. If it is legally and economically possible, I will represent the legal interests of any person who seeks my help.

My clients include:

  • doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals
  • entrepreneurs
  • managers
  • businesses in Germany and abroad, during early consultation or protecting staff members when acting as witnesses
  • actors, musicians and other performers
  • salaried and waged employees
  • professors and teachers
  • unemployed persons
  • housewives
  • students
  • young people
  • and others

Nobody stands outside the law. To avoid becoming caught up in the soulless workings of the state criminal system, everybody needs an effective defence or representation of his legal interests.

I would be happy to undertake this task of advising and representing you.