Specialisation and Career


Since 1994 I have been a lawyer, since 2000 I have specialised in criminal law and since 2005 I have also specialised in fiscal law. Constant further training in fiscal and criminal law keeps my skills up to date.

I studied jurisprudence at the Universities of Passau and Pavia (Italy) and was a trainee lawyer in Munich. I gained experience in an international auditing company, in commercial law offices in Munich and Berlin, Paris and Brescia (Italy) as well as in a taxation consultancy. I have also been trained as an industrial business management assistant.

In 1997 I became a self-employed lawyer in Berlin specialising in criminal law. In January 2002 my colleague Stefan Waldeck and I founded the law offices of Waldeck and Westen, Specialist Lawyers for Criminal Law. We practice this as an office partnership.

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