Commercial law


Entrepreneurial risk also harbours the risk of prosecution.Times of economic crisis demand great entrepreneurial skill and a high level of ingenuity. At the same time they increase the acquisitiveness of the state. This situation raises the risk of prosecution. The rising flood of laws on the one hand and the increased level of prosecution on the other has considerably aggravated this risk.

Entrepreneurs, the self-employed, managers and even salaried employees must face up to this situation: they need a comprehensive risk management plan or an effective and discreet defence.

If the worst happens you need an independent and experienced defence counsel, who grasps the mechanisms of defence without being encumbered by previous consultation on structural issues (e.g. advice on financial rehabilitation), and who is also armed with expert economic knowledge and negotiating skills.

As a lawyer specialised in criminal law, and also in fiscal law, and as a (commercial) mediator, I possess precisely these skills. Through my training and experience as an industrial business management assistant I am very familiar with operational procedures.

In comprehensive cases involving business offences, particularly those under commercial law with a ban on multiple defence of several accused and which therefore require several lawyers, a team of qualified defence lawyers can be mobilized quickly.

This can guarantee a comprehensive and effective defence in matters of criminal law related to business offences. This includes defence in the following fields:

  • penal law regarding insolvency, such as dragging out of insolvency (delay in filing for bankruptcy), bankruptcy, violation of the requirement to keep accounts, deception/fraud (e.g. fraudulently obtaining subsidies or vendor fraud) and breach of trust.
  • criminal offences in banking and the securities trade
  • criminal offences in relationship to health care such as false accounting or bribery
  • corruption
  • culpable advertising
  • illegal employment
  • computer crime
  • etc.