Further criminal law


I can defend you in all fields of criminal law. A defence is considered successful, when the defence counsel attains the best possible result for his client by admissible means. The first aim of the defence is to achieve a stay of proceedings or an acquittal.

Even when a stay or proceedings or acquittal are not possible, a good defence counsel can still in most cases work towards as light a sentence as possible. In a constitutional state this is an integral component of a just verdict.

The accused in criminal proceedings is in a weak position, regardless of how strong that person may otherwise be or what he may have done. Criminal defence means protecting the weakest in criminal proceedings against the power of the state and the pressure of the public.

I am committed to this protection.

This applies to delicate cases in particular, such sexual offences, or accusations of other crimes of violence, such as murder and manslaughter.

The presumption of innocence applies to all cases. It is one of the most important principles of a constitutional state.

In dubio pro reo – in doubt in favour of the accused!

As a specialised lawyer for criminal law I can defend you in all matters of criminal law. These include:

  • criminal offences against the right of physical integrity, e.g. assault
  • criminal offences against individual freedom, such as coercion, intimidation, deprivation of liberty, kidnapping etc.
  • theft and fraud
  • robbery and blackmail
  • preferential treatment and receiving stolen goods
  • deception and breach of trust
  • forgery
  • wilful damage to property
  • offences dangerous to the public, such as arson
  • environmental criminal law, such as polluting water, soil and air
  • criminal offences in office, such as bribery and corruption
  • counterfeiting money and postage stamps
  • criminal offences against the public order, such as trespass, forming criminal organisations, etc.
  • false charges
  • criminal offences against sexual self-determination, such as sexual abuse, distribution of pornographic material etc.
  • slander
  • criminal offences to life and person
  • breach of the Weapons Act
  • criminal law relating to controlled substances
  • criminal law relating to young offenders
  • and others.



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