Traffic criminal law

Legal defence in penal traffic law


Anyone who participates in road traffic, can become the accused and feel the full severity of criminal law. Of course it is a huge shock to suddenly be treated like a criminal, despite perhaps never having done anything wrong before.

As an experienced and specialised lawyer for criminal law I can defend you against the following charges:

  • running the red light
  • speed offences
  • drunk in charge of a vehicle
  • hit and run
  • coercion
  • slander
  • endangering the road traffic
  • assault
  • negligent homicide
  • etc.

When the criminal proceedings are related to coercive measures such as

  • cancellation of driving licence
  • search/house search
  • seizure
  • detention/imprisonment on remand

you will find in me an energetic and competent defence counsel.



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