Fiscal law

Defence in criminal law with regard to taxation


In matters of fiscal law and criminal law the state can encroach very vigorously into people’s right to freedom, and can endanger their livelihood.

Fiscal law is in a highly complex world of its own. Diametrically opposed rules apply in taxation proceedings to those in criminal proceedings. Here it is easy to make grave errors which cannot be rectified.

You need a specialist who is familiar with both areas and who also has commercial expertise. As an

  • experienced and specialised lawyer for criminal law
  • and specialised lawyer for fiscal law
  • as well as a trained industrial business management assistant

I possess precisely these skills.

Your competent contact person

I am your competent contact person for fiscal law and for criminal law with regard to taxation in the following areas:

  • taxation defence as counsel against an accusation of fraudulent tax evasion,
  • negligent tax avoidance
  • criminal offences and petty offences in relation to value-added tax etc.

Cooperation with a taxation consultant is advisable in order to plan comprehensive and complex taxation cases. I will be happy to work with your consultant in this respect, or can recommend a suitable taxation consultant to you.

I can advise you in advance about the possibility of a confession of tax evasion.

The first aim of the defence in a preliminary criminal investigation is to prevent a trial by having the charge withdrawn.

Defence in the event of search, seizure and arrest

I will defend you against coercive measures by the investigating authorities such as

  • search/house search
  • seizure
  • arrest/detention on remand

In cases where a trial cannot be avoided, I will act as your defence during the trial process.

To give you competent, constitutive and hopefully tax-avoiding advice, I can recommend a taxation consultant if desired. I will also be happy to work with your consultant to find the best possible solution to your taxation aims.



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